11 Best eBook Creation Softwares

Here’s a list of the best eBook creation software we compared, for all your ebook publishing, ebook creation, and ebook authoring needs.

  1. KITABOO – Award-winning cloud-based digital publishing platform to create, publish, and securely deliver multimedia-enhanced interactive eBooks.
  2. Epubeemaker – Free ebook publishing software in the form of a word add-in, it helps you create ePub directly from your word document.
  3. Flipbuilder – An ebook creator that converts PDF into Media Rich eBooks with a flipbook style.
  4. Blurb – An ebook publishing software capable of assisting throughout the publishing and distribution process.
  5. Pressbooks – Offers e-publishing solutions to educational institutions, authors, and self-publishers.
  6. FlipHTML5 – HTML5 digital publishing platform
  7. Mobipocket ebook creator – A simple ebook creator with a great interface.
  8. iBooks AuthorA premium Mac-exclusive ebook creation software
  9. KotobeeA paid software for creating engaging eBook content
  10. Scrivener eBook creator software for authors who write novels and fiction.
  11. Jutoh – helps you bring your eBook ideas to life with professionalism and efficiency.

From parchment rolls to paper, from paper to eBooks, books have come a long way from their humble origins. While traditional books were created by felling trees, eBooks are created in a very gentle and agreeable manner. The only thing you need to create an eBook is a good eBook writing software and ofcourse your manuscript.

For a first-time author who is trying to develop an eBook, it seems like quite a harrowing task to find the right tools which can efficiently do the job. And admittedly, it is a tedious task, after months of effort put into writing and creating a manuscript, you finally proceed onto the next step in publishing your work.

And now you are confused over which eBook Software to use. Google is kind enough to put across fifty or so ebook creators for you to choose from. But that doesn’t lessen the trouble of finding out which one is better. You can’t keep trying each and every eBook editing software. So, we have tried to ease your burden by listing a few simple and efficient eBook maker software that will make it easier for you to select the right platform.

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11 Best eBook Creation Software Tools -


Kitaboo is an interactive eBook creator. It is a cloud-based digital publishing platform, where you can create and publish DRM protected content. DRM ensures that your content is secure from online theft and piracy.

You can either create an eBook from scratch using the KITABOO authoring platform or you can use their conversion service to convert your digital manuscript into ePUB files.


devices and OS supporting kitaboo ereader

KITABOO lets you add interactive features such as videos, audio, images, read-aloud, etc to your eBook to make it more engaging for your readers. The content you create using this tool is device agnostic and is accessible on all major operating systems.

Try using Kitaboo – a best ePub Creator for digitally publishing of contents.

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Here’s a detailed walk-through of how to create a truly Interactive eBook using KITABOO

This video shows how you can create an ebook with HTML based interactive and multimedia enhancements:

2. Epubee maker

This is a free eBook creation software. It is a Word add-in that will help you convert your word files into ePUB, Mobi, and PDF formats. Once you have installed the add-in in MS Word, you can easily convert word documents to EPUB/Mobi/PDF.

epubee maker ebook creation software screenshot

When your eBook is ready for distribution, you can transfer it to different reading devices such as Kindle, Nook, Kobo, etc. ePUBee Maker can be used as an eBook Editor or eBook Reader. You can import different file formats to read on MS Word. With the help of this tool, you can easily create an eBook from your word file.

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3. Flipbuilder:

This is another interactive eBook creator. Here’s more on how to create interactive ebooks.

The interesting part about this software is that it gives the flipping page effect when you turn to the next page in your eBook. This flip effect comes as an interesting change when compared to normal eBooks.

flipbuilder ebook creation software screenshotYou can add multimedia elements to your eBook files. It allows you to convert PDFs into suitable eBook files for whichever eReader you want.

EBooks can be accessed from any system and platform. You would have to download this software on your Windows, iOS, or Android system before using it.

4. Blurb:

Blurb provides you with eBook creation software for creating and publishing. You would first have to download their free desktop software package in order to start with book creation. It also gives you the option to upload a PDF and convert it into an eBook.

blurb screenshot

You need a minimum of 22 pages to create an eBook from a PDF. Once your eBook is ready, Blurb even helps you sell your eBook. They handle the logistics, shipping, and on-demand printing.

You can sell your eBook through the Blurb Bookstore, Amazon, Ingram, and Apple iBook store.


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5. Pressbooks:

Pressbooks is an easy-to-use online tool. You just need to sign up and can straight away start making your eBook. If you already have a manuscript ready, you can import the file and paste chapters into this eBook creation software. It allows you to add audio, video, and image files.

pressbooks screenshot

You can also select the look of your page from their list of display templates. After completion of the eBook, you can export it in PDF, ePUB, ePUB3, Mobi, XHTML formats. Once you have downloaded your files, you can submit them to eBook stores or use a third-party distributor to sell your newly created eBook.

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6. FlipHTML5

Another flip book maker that lets you to create interactive eBooks. It’s an HTML5 digital publishing platform, where you can embed the content with hyperlinks, multimedia, images and animation.

fliphtml5 screenshot

It provides a free online hosting service, allowing you to publish your books online even if you do not have a website.

Your eBooks can be accessed on all devices and web browsers. FlipHTML5 is a free tool and can convert PDF, MS Office, OpenOffice and Images to HTML5, making your eBook more interactive. It also enables you to create a custom domain for your eBook.

7. Mobipocket eBook Creator

This is an online tool with an easy-to-operate interface. This tool allows you to create your eBooks right from scratch. You can select the page style and layout and design the cover page. Their price calculation tool lets you set an appropriate price for the eBook.

Mobipocket is an easy eBook creator software with engaging navigation and interface. The software supports various other formats of HTML, DOCX, PDF, and TXT and helps customize as per requirements.

8. iBooks Author

This software is available for free on the Mac App Store. You can create interactive eBooks using this tool for iPad, iPhone and Mac devices. It has a lot of features which you can use to enhance your eBook, such as images, audio, videos, animations, 3D objects, mathematical expressions etc.

ibooks author screenshotIt helps in creating an engaging and interactive eBook. You can export your eBook in different file formats if you do not want to limit it to an Apple device. It gives you the option to export files in text, PDF, and ePUB format.

9. Kotobee

Kotobee is an easy-to-integrate eBook creator. It is a paid software for creating interactive eBooks. The software supports audio, video, weblinks apart from a lot of widgets that are embedded. Renders cloud support and controls users’ access by integrating with the external systems. Kotobee helps engage readers by collaborating videos, interactive images, and widgets.

10. Scrivener

Scrivener is advanced eBook software that supports authors who write fict,ion and screenplays. The software also provides an export feature that allows users to convert the eBook to other eBook formats like MOBI, EPUB, and Kindle. The entire process is not quite simple, but the tutorials make the job easier. You can also opt for a limited period free trial or paid version for creating an eBook.

11. Jutoh

Jutoh is an eBook creation software that supports various eBook formats, including ePub, MOBI, and Kindle. It offers templates, formatting tools, and a user-friendly interface, making it suitable for self-publishing authors.

Now that you have a fair idea of various platforms used for eBook creation, let’s look at how you can create an eBook.

Easy Steps for eBook Creation

  • Upload the source file (text, PDF, HTML) into the tool
  • The software then converts the file to ePUB format
  • Select fixed or reflowable layout as per your content requirement
  • Add multimedia elements such as images, videos, audio, etc. to make the content interactive
  • Create a table of contents
  • Set license validity, defining the duration until which the user can access the eBook
  • Preview the final output before publishing
  • Hit the publish button

You can start creating your new eBook with one of the software tools listed above. A good eBook creation software will help you enhance your content such that it makes for a compelling read. In order to keep your readers engrossed and engaged in the eBook, you must incorporate interactivity to hold their attention.

Using a ebook creator platform that is easy-to-use and that lets you enrich the content with multiple interactive elements is a sure-fire way to develop a compelling eBook for your readers.

Try creating ebook software at Kitaboo and request for your free demo.

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