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Top 4 Digital Publishing Trends You Need to Know in 2024

The publishing industry has gone through numerous changes that aimed at improving publishing as a whole and increasing engagement with the most popular information medium, the book.

With the integration of new technologies, though, publishing has undergone a transformation that has enabled publishers to create amazing interactive content and promote it through your website, with email marketing tools that are tailored to publishers like Moosend and MailChimp, as well as through social media networks.

This fusion of technology and print has been influenced by publishing trends that not only are they still relevant in the publishing industry, but they still impact the world of digital publishing to this day.

To gain some insight, stay digitally engaged with your audience and start monetizing your content, we are going to see some of the most popular trends you need to know in 2024  before you take the digital leap.

Top 4 Digital Publishing Trends in 2024 -

Digital Publishing Trend #1. Interactive Enhanced eBooks

The way we read has evolved tremendously in the past few decades.

As a result, publishers of all industries have started getting themselves acquainted with the new digital way to give their readers an amazing experience.

While we are bound to see digital publishing develop beyond expectations, our generation was able to witness the powerful combination of technology and print.

Ebooks are one of the most popular forms of material circling the web.

However, print is still on top of its game.

According to Meryl Halls, managing director of the Booksellers’ Association in the U.K., “The book lover loves to have a record of what they’ve read, and it’s about signaling to the rest of the world. It’s about decorating your home, it’s about collecting, I guess, because people are completists aren’t they, they want to have that to indicate about themselves.”

Despite the fact that print is still number one, a lot of industries have started creating amazing eBooks to promote products/services and educate their potential customers.

Since companies need to boost their lead generation efforts, whitepapers and eBooks have become the new way to nurture potential customers with content that will awe them.

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Business book publishers, for instance, have sought new ways to turn simple business eBooks into enhanced versions that will give readers a great reading experience.

By giving your readers eBooks that incorporate audio, video and interactive content you can engage them better, offer them a variety of resources and turn the tedious process of learning complex business terms into a fun experience.

And while enhanced content is the real deal for your technology-loving readers, you shouldn’t neglect to give your eBook an amazing aesthetic feel.

To do that, try to come up with an amazing book cover design that will make your reader want to add it to their collection.


How To Create An Interactive eBook

#2. Multi-device Accessibility

In recent years, eReaders have become increasingly popular with consumers.

From Amazon’s famous Kindle to Nook and iLex, readers have a plethora of different options to choose from.

However, consumers won’t always the same device to read an eBook.

If you take a moment to picture a scene from a crowded train, then can you tell me how many people will bring their tablet or iPad out and start reading?

The answer is very few.

What they will use, though, is their mobile phone, a device that is both practical and efficient in places where space can limit you.

This need for practicality pushes eBooks to become available on every device regardless of type.

After all, readers don’t really mind what the device is but how well they will engage with the content and how easily they will access their eBooks.

This trend pushes motivates publishers to discover new ways to deliver their eBooks and make them accessible to their readers without the limitations of the e-reader software.

To be in sync with your readers’ needs and preferences, you need to find a great tool to fuse publishing with technology.

Kitaboo, for example, is a great tool that not only lets you use multimedia and interactivity features in your eBooks but also allows you to publish them on multiple devices and platforms.

Digital Publishing Trend #3. Supplementary Content for Complex Subjects

It is a fact that as we head towards the future, more complex and intriguing subjects will emerge.

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, the need to deliver more sophisticated and explanatory content is necessary.

For readers that want to grasp such difficult terms and gain knowledge, offering them supplementary content for a price or for free is already a reality that many publishers have adopted.

For example, if a student reads a book about chemical compounds, then it’s only natural that they will need extra material, experiments and tutorials to have a deep understanding of the subject.

For digital publishers, offering readers extra interactive textbooks and resources is an excellent way to establish themselves as publishers who care about their readers’ needs and are ready to offer them instant solutions.

Here’s an example from Joseph A. Michelli’s eBook The Zappos Experience to show you how you can easily provide your readers with the extra materials:

zappos experience | digital publishing trends

As we head towards the future, the need for gaining more knowledge will skyrocket.

To succeed as a  digital publisher you need to discover your readers’ pain points and offer an excellent reading experience that will transcend the traditional experience.

Digital Publishing Trend #4. Go “Hands-free” with Audiobooks

Now that you’ve discovered the best way to create your eBooks, found the right eBook templates and created the most amazing cover, it’s time to think of the next step.

As you already know, enhanced eBooks are the ultimate way to give readers an amazing way to engage with content.

However, to stay on top and become more relevant to the technology-driven era, you should consider the modern approach of Audiobooks.

Audiobooks have become an instant hit the moment they made their debut.

This popularity stems from the fact that readers have a lot of things to do but very little time to do it.

Audiobooks can give people with limited reading time the chance to listen to their favorite books while multitasking.

For instance, if your reader is a working mom who has numerous responsibilities but no time to read, audiobooks are an excellent solution to “read” a book while doing the housework.

As multitasking has become a reality to get more things done within limited timeframes, improving the way your books reach your audience is the perfect way to attract more loyal readers who will support your publishing work.


While traditional publishing is still going strong, digital publishing has a lot more to offer to the busy, technology-loving readers who have little or no free time in their hands.

As technology alters the way we receive information and knowledge, keeping up with the current digital publishing trends will help you deliver an amazing experience in digital form.

So, now that you are aware of these 4 major digital publishing trends, it’s time to take the digital leap and dominate the publishing industry with your amazing eBooks.

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