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10 Best eBook Creation Software for Mac Users (2024)

In today’s digital age , people are more inclined towards reading online eBooks rather than printed copies. Therefore, as a publisher, you must invest in the best eBook creation software to create your digital textbooks

However, with the overwhelming number of tools available for eBook creation, it can be a challenge to find the right one for your needs. Moreover, each software has certain benefits and drawbacks. Some eBook creation tools are designed only to be used on certain platforms.

This blog post compiles a list of the top eBook creation software for Mac operating systems. 

10 Best ebook Creators for Mac OS


KITABOO serves as your all-in-one e-publishing or digital publishing tool that goes beyond just eBooks. Moreover, your readers can easily access the eBook on multiple devices, thanks to its device-agnostic and mobile-responsive features. With KITABOO, you can create and publish various forms of content such as:

  • eLearning courses
  • eBooks
  • PDF files
  • Training videos 

The platform also enables you to add videos, audio, animation and much more to make the content more engaging. After you’ve successfully created an eBook, you can also track and analyze its performance. Doing so allows you to monitor user behavior patterns and create engaging content to outperform the competition. 

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2. iBooks Author 

Designed by Apple, this software offers attractive formatting capabilities. If you’re a beginner, this is a perfect eBook creation software for Mac. It guides you through every step – from structuring your content to selling it on the iBooks store.

You can explore tons of writing resources, get design advice, promote your book, sell it, and track your sales. Besides, you get an impressive 70% royalty on every sale. However, the only downside is that you cannot sell your eBook on any other online store other than iBooks and it will be discontinued soon, in all likelihood.

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3. FlipHTML5

The reason why you’re reading a list of best eBook creation software for Mac is that many other tools don’t work well with Mac OS. However, with fascinating functions and various book templates, FlipHTML5 caters specifically to Mac users. 

With minimal configuration, you can create a professional eBook in no time. Besides, you can also choose to flip your eBook either horizontally or vertically with FlipHTML5.

What’s more, is that you can personalize the eBook as per your preferences and needs since you have complete creative control over it. You can also make rich content by adding images, audio, links, and videos using the online editor. 

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4. Vellum

This premium eBook formatting software has unique features that command readers’ attention.

You can use Vellum for free. However, before exporting your manuscript (PDF) in ePUB, you’ll have to purchase the license for the software. On the other hand, if you’re just trying out the software, you can choose the pay-per-ebook option. 

However, if you feel confident about using it, you can purchase the lifetime license. 

5. Flip PDF

Do you want to create flash flipbooks in minutes? Then Flip PDF is an ideal choice for you. You can also create interactive catalogs, brochures, and digital magazines using this online publishing software.

Additionally, you can also embed links, YouTube videos, animated text, audio, video, and image albums in your book to boost reader engagement. Besides, there are several templates that you can customize as per your taste. 

6. Scrivener 

Owing to its modern, well-organized, and overhauled interface, eBook creation on Mac has never been easier with Scrivener. Its outstanding features like the writing statistics allow you to keep track of how much work you’ve done each day.

It’s used by translators, journalists, lawyers, academics, students, non-fiction writers, screenwriters, and even best-selling novelists! Therefore, irrespective of the field you work in, if you’ve got an eBook to create, Scrivener could be your suitable choice. 

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7. Ulysses

This Mac-exclusive, premium eBook creation software is designed especially for writers. With its tailored features like writing goals, automatic backup, filters, document attachments, and organizational tools, you can easily level up your content game.

Writers prefer Ulysses because of its flexible export options, fast syncing, and effective document management. If you’ve been struggling with achieving optimal productivity, this software can help you with its minimal and distraction-free interface. 

You can also use this software on your iPhone and iPad. 

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8. Kindle Create

If you’re strapped for resources, this could be the ideal eBook creation software for Mac. Using this software, you can convert your documents into Amazon Kindle e-readers for free.

Before publishing your content, you can preview it to determine how it would look on e-readers, tablets, phones, and other devices. If you’re new to this, you can study their mini-course to leverage all its features. 

However, you can only create KPB and KPF files with Kindle Create and publish to Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. 

9. Beacon Marketing eBooks

You can create compelling online content using Beacon Marketing eBooks without hiring a designer. Within 10 minutes, you can design professional eBooks, publish, and instantly share them on social media.

This software has been tailored to serve as a lead magnet. If you aim to generate more leads and improve the conversion rate, Beacon Marketing eBooks is the way to go. 

Apart from that, eBooks created using this tool can help you improve lead nurturing as well as reduce the cost per lead. Because of its simple drag and drop features, beginners should also find it easy to use. 

10. Blurb 

The image clarity and finish of eBooks created using Blurb stand out from the rest. You can either design your book from scratch or use customizable templates for a head start.

You can also publish all sorts of content with Blurb, such as graphic novels, comic books, business books, portfolios, children’s books, family photo books, travel books, and cookbooks.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do these eBook creation software options require technical expertise?

A: No, most of the mentioned software offers user-friendly interfaces, making them suitable for authors with varying technical skills.

Q: Can I add multimedia elements like images and videos to my eBooks? A: Yes, eBook creation software like KITABOO support the integration of multimedia elements.

Q: Which software is best for creating children’s books?

A: KITABOO is an excellent choice for creating interactive and visually appealing children’s books.

Q: Are these ebook creators compatible with other eBook formats like PDF?

A: Yes, many of the mentioned software options support export to various formats, including PDF.

Q: Can I use these software options for both fiction and non-fiction eBooks?

A: Absolutely. These eBook creation tools are versatile and suitable for various genres and content types.


After reading these recommendations, you may be wondering which eBook creation software is right for you. To further narrow down your search, you should organize the list in the order of difficulty of operability. However, it’s best to go for a software that can be accessed on multiple operating platforms so you don’t have to switch between different eBook creation tools and can get the work done with a single software.

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