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Top 7 Online ePUB Readers For 2024

eBooks have gained a stronghold among 21st-century readers, thanks to the internet. Whether it’s for infotainment or entertainment, book worms remain hooked to their devices.

Even so, you don’t necessarily have to purchase expensive tablets such as Kindle to get access to your favorite eBooks. Alternatively, you may also give an online ePUB reader a chance. It’s software to read comics, magazines, and eBooks on digital devices.

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What are online ePUB readers?

A great online ePUB reader gives you a similar reading experience as that on Kindle. All you need is an ePUB reader with a clean interface with intuitive features such as animated page flip, text highlighters, in-built dictionary and more.

Most eBooks are published in ePUB format, and online epub readers are a great way to access and store a huge library of them. Whether it’s a work of literature or research, the ideal e-reader would have no problem in hosting them all. They can also have books in multiple languages so that a wider audience can read them.

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7 Best Online ePUB Readers Worldwide -


KITABOO is a leading online ePUB reader available right now. Not only does it support multiple eBook formats, but it also delights the reader with its simple yet engaging interface. You can store an online library of eBooks or magazines over the cloud and access them anytime on laptops, tablets, or mobile phones.

KITABOO also offers offline content accessibility. You can highlight any part of the text, make notes, search specific words with ease. Besides global language support, KITABOO also allows you to add videos, images, quizzes and other HTML interactivities.

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2. Icecream ePUB Reader

A popular app studio, Icecream apps, has developed impressive apps for Windows PC, and their ePUB reader is one of them. Users rave about its myriad features, including multiple languages, reading progress tracking, easy page-turning mechanics, excellent search capabilities, full-screen mode support, multiple languages support, and more.

Besides the ePUB format, Icecream ePUB Reader also supports other eBook formats such as FB2 and Mobi. Moreover, you can select any text and search on Wikipedia and Google. This online ePUB reader also supports annotations and bookmarks. The only “downside” (if you want to call it that) is you have to pay for all the great features just mentioned.

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3. Freda

Freda, a well-known ePUB reader, supports many formats, including FB2, TXT, and HTML. The part where this online ePUB reader stands out is customizability. You can play around with tons of colors and fonts to change the look and feel of its interface.

This ensures that you’ll never get bored while reading eBooks, magazines, and comics in Freda. The customizable interface breathes fresh air into your reading space. What’s more, you can easily integrate Freda with other e-readers such as Calibre and Smashwords.

Users can backup their eBooks using Dropbox and OneDrive that you can seamlessly integrate with Freda. The only drawback is that it runs better on the latest android versions than Windows devices.

4. Sumatra PDF Reader

Sumatra PDF reader is known for its modern features and faster performance. The cherry on top is that it feels incredibly lightweight and supports automatic text scaling and background color change. Apart from ePUB format, Sumatra supports CBR and CBZ formats as well.

These are popular comic book formats. And guess what? It has a super-fast loading time and won’t take more than 5MB of your storage space. The drawbacks are Sumatra doesn’t have advanced features such as metadata editing and does not support annotations.

The good news is it’s free to download and supports most Windows operating systems.

5. Cover

Comic book readers would love this. Cover is specially designed for comic books to be read on Windows PC. Because of its ability to support ePUB format, Cover is included in this list. Since it’s a great online ePUB reader for comic books, it’s also incredible for reading image-heavy eBooks in ePUB format.

Even though other e-readers on this list can also manage images, they may not outperform Cover in this aspect. So, if you’re planning to publish/read image-rich content, manga, or comics, this is the right choice for you. Moreover, its fully customizable reading mode and excellent library management are where it stands out.

However, it may not be the ideal choice for those who aren’t into comic books.

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6. Kobo

A great thing about Kobo is you can not only read books of different genres but also buy books from its store. In addition to that, Kobo supports both ePUB3 and ePUB format. It has all the features that you can expect from an e-reader, such as progress tracking, bookmarks, search, and more.

The biggest reason to consider this ePUB reader is that you get access to more than 5 million children’s books, comics, and eBooks. Many of them are either free or quite affordable. Reading books on this e-reader would be easier on the eyes, thanks to its modern user interface and excellent reading modes.

Users find that imported books might be difficult to manage on Kobo.   

7. Neat Reader

Neat Reader is a robust online ePUB reader that works on all android devices, iOS, Mac, and Windows versions. You can manage an eBook library of your favorite digital books on Neat Reader. Moreover, with annotations and bookmarks, you can rest assured of a hassle-free reading experience.

If you’re an avid reader, Neat Reader is an excellent option for you since you can access the latest books of various genres and different authors. The user interface has evolved over the years to become simple and attractive as it is today.

It has all the basic features of an e-reader. However, it’s not available for free. You can check out their yearly and lifelong plan to see if it’s worth a shot.


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In conclusion

All the online ePUB readers that are listed above have certain unique features that make them appealing to the users. As a digital publisher, you may still want to weigh the pros and cons and consider your requirements and budget to arrive at a decision. If you are looking to build your own eBook reader, you can leverage the KITABOO SDK, which can be used as plug and play library across multiple platforms. You can then have all the features of KITABOO in your own eBook reader.

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